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1532 South Highway 97
Redmond, OR, 97756



Our top priority is thorough cleaning of our client’s properties while staying within federal, state, and local environmental regulations. This means we get the job done right, while taking the liability burden off your shoulders. We are able to do this by following procedures designed to keep us and your business at the forefront of “green” cleaning. Our knowledge and understanding of equipment, techniques, regulations, properties, and surfaces allow your business, as well as ours, to avoid costly fines and damages, keeping the bottom dollar down allowing for a superior service experience.

Concrete Staining and Restoration

Green Pressure Wash provides decorative concrete repair, restorations, staining, faux finishes, specialty coatings, etc.  How can we help you with your project?

Concrete Staining and Restoration in Central Oregon


Restore old weathered concrete surfaces to NEW. We offer concrete acid staining, decorative overlays, or if the job requires we can tear-out your old concrete and give you the decorative look you have been dreaming about.

If you are looking to add value to your property there is no easier way than to restore and renew a boring grey slab of concrete with a decorative acid stain or overlay.

Acid staining is a great way to add a decorative touch to your property.  The benefit of acid staining is that it is 100% permanent.  The acids within the chemical stain actually etch a color into the substrate of the concrete surface.  The only way to remove an acid staining color is to physically grind or wear through the stained substrate.  In combination with a proper sealing of the acid stained surface your color should stay intact for the life of that concrete surface unlike many other ‘paint on style’ color stains.

Decorative overlays are also another great way to add a decorative flair to an old concrete sidewalk or other concrete surface.  The beauty of an overlay is the ability to add a decorative stamped design into your surface.  Unlike acid staining, a decorative overlay involves actually covering up the old concrete surface with a thin layer of a new concrete/polymer based product.  This thin layer can be color tinted, stamped with designs, decoratively troweled, etc.  

Our team of professionals at Green Pressure Wash can give you solid advice and suggestions for all of your concrete needs.  Sometimes a decorative overlay or acid stain can cover up an older area of concrete for a fraction of the cost of full replacement, thus saving you money and protecting the initial investment of the original installation.