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Our top priority is thorough cleaning of our client’s properties while staying within federal, state, and local environmental regulations. This means we get the job done right, while taking the liability burden off your shoulders. We are able to do this by following procedures designed to keep us and your business at the forefront of “green” cleaning. Our knowledge and understanding of equipment, techniques, regulations, properties, and surfaces allow your business, as well as ours, to avoid costly fines and damages, keeping the bottom dollar down allowing for a superior service experience.

Pressure Washing

Looking for a pressure washing service in Bend, OR? Green Pressure Wash, LLC provides environmentally friendly pressure washing services for commercial and residential clients.

Pressure Washing in Central Oregon


Green Pressure Wash, LLC provides professional pressure washing services to commercial and residential clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our equipment and process is sure to provide you with a clean finish and peace of mind knowing that we abide by the Federal, State and Local Regulations.

We utilize the highest quality and state of the art pressure washing system that enables us to accomplish a professional, efficient and thorough cleaning. Our system has the capabilities to produce hot water to steam temperatures and above that provide the ability to emulsify oils, fats, greases and other hard to remove grime. The high powered water reclaim vacuum attached to our system allows for the capture of waste water which ensures we are able to follow federal, state and local regulations. In addition it is more efficient to reclaim wash water during our process.

Our variety of specialty tools ensure that we are prepared for all of our customers pressure washing needs. Some of these tools include the following:

  • Rotary surface cleaners designed to clean large floors and walls with the ability to reclaim waste water

  • Wet sandblasting which allows for introduction of fine sand particles into the high pressure water stream for striping surface coatings, rust removal and more

  • Scrub brush wands with high pressure jet streams for cleaning detailed nooks and crannies

Green Pressure Wash, Pressure Washing Process

  • Step 1: Survey the site for water flow to ensure proper waste water containment.

  • Step 2: Setup proper water diversion devices (sandbags, storm drain covers and containment tarps).

  • Step 3: Dry pre-clean to increase efficiency, safety and ensure a high quality finish.

  • Step 4: Determine water reclaim capture point to reclaim water remotely or with surface cleaner.

  • Step 5: Clean surfaces thoroughly removing grime, oils and greases.

  • Step 6: Final sweep to reclaim any standing water, remove water diversions and ensure the job is completed.

How big of jobs do we accept?

Green Pressure Wash completes large and small jobs ranging from ten square feet to infinity.

How much do our pressure washing services cost?

  • Our costs are dependent on job requirements (Size, logistics, chemicals required, etc.)

  • Call us for a cost quote!

what are some of the benefits of working with Calvin Andrus Construction?

If you are looking for a professional pressure washing services in and around Bend, Oregon then give us a call. We guarantee a quality finish.