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1532 South Highway 97
Redmond, OR, 97756



Our top priority is thorough cleaning of our client’s properties while staying within federal, state, and local environmental regulations. This means we get the job done right, while taking the liability burden off your shoulders. We are able to do this by following procedures designed to keep us and your business at the forefront of “green” cleaning. Our knowledge and understanding of equipment, techniques, regulations, properties, and surfaces allow your business, as well as ours, to avoid costly fines and damages, keeping the bottom dollar down allowing for a superior service experience.

Concrete, Tile, Stone Sealing

Green Pressure Wash provides various concrete sealing services.  Whether you are looking for the protection a high quality concrete sealer can provide or just looking to enhance the color of your stamped concrete patio, we have multiple options to help you!

Concrete, Tile, and Stone Sealing in Central Oregon


Sealing of your indoor and outdoor hardscapes is essential to protecting your surfaces, such as concrete, tile, horizontal or vertical stone, pavers, etc. with many decorative styles to choose from.

Specialty sealers and coatings are essential to the life, beautification, and overall value of your property.  Something as simple as sealing your concrete driveway yearly can protect and add years of life to your investment.  If your hard surfaces and concrete are older and beginning to fail we have options to help extend the life as long as possible or if the surface is brand new we can start you out with the best products to keep that surface looking ‘brand new’ for years to come.

The most important part of any sealing or coating project is the surface preparation. Without proper surface preparation sealers and coatings can fail due to improper adhesion caused by a number of contaminants .  This is where Green Pressure Wash has developed a unique and highly effective system of procedures for creating the absolute best possible surface for proper adhesion of sealers and coatings. Often times stripping of old sealers is required prior to applications of new sealers and coating. Green Pressure Wash is able to strip surfaces effectively with a variety of tools, chemicals, and procedures.  Also, by reclaiming effluents created during the cleaning process, pores of the concrete and hard surfaces to be sealed or coated will become free of micro-sediments creating the optimal environment for maximum adhesion.