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1532 South Highway 97
Redmond, OR, 97756



Our top priority is thorough cleaning of our client’s properties while staying within federal, state, and local environmental regulations. This means we get the job done right, while taking the liability burden off your shoulders. We are able to do this by following procedures designed to keep us and your business at the forefront of “green” cleaning. Our knowledge and understanding of equipment, techniques, regulations, properties, and surfaces allow your business, as well as ours, to avoid costly fines and damages, keeping the bottom dollar down allowing for a superior service experience.

Wastewater Recovery Services

Waste water recovery may be necessary if you have any effluents from construction, manufacturing and cleaning processes.

Waste Water Recovery Service in Central Oregon



State and Federal regulations can grind your project to a halt, let us help with waste water recovery on your sensitive project.

With environmental laws becoming more prevalent in today's world businesses often times find themselves needing answers to how they can proceed with sensitive projects while staying compliant.  Whether you are creating slurries in sensitive areas or using hazardous chemicals in a construction process, we have the abilities to help your project moving forward.  Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.